I started using Mary Elle skin care products 7 years ago. I have, in the past often had allergic reactions from the synthetic and chemicals found in other products I have tried. I am now frequently complimented on my fresh health looking skin. Thank you Mary Elle --Lorraine, 66

As a gardener/landscaper working outside often my skin under goes condition changes. My whole life I have dealt with reddish skin tone, large pores and oily to dry skin on my face. I have spent lots trying to find the right products. It was not until I stared to use Mary Elle, my skin has cleared up. I now have healthy soft skin with a nice even tone. Mary Elle was the miracle product I was looking for. --Janice, 44

When I first came to see Mary Elle, my skin was a mess. Lumpy very red from rosacea and every skin product I tried to use just made it worse. After using her products for only a couple of days my facial skin began to heal and calm down. And within a month of use I had very little redness and no more nasty lumps. For 10 years now I have used Mary Elle, and my skin s healthy, smooth and clear. I do feel these nutritional products are feeding my skin with the nutrition it needs, that's why its happy! Thank you Mary Elle. I feel so happy again, to feel pretty! --Marlene, 46

Thank you Mary Elle for creating these skin products that have been my true defence against the passing of time. I have heard many times from friends and family " I can't believe your in your 80's, your skin is so amazingly young looking." And I know its all from using Mary Elle over the last many years. And now my daughters, daughter-in-law and grand daughters all use Mary Elle's skin line. --Gerlinda, 82

Swedish Massage is a worldwide known Massage with many different techniques. When you combine Swedish Massage with Aromatherapy (use of essential oils, which come from flowers or plants) the Massage is more powerful since essential oils are relaxing, stimulating and healing. We have had many massages with other practitioners, But Mary Elle is by far the best. She has her own natural amazing " Healing Touch"! --Sharon & Marg

We absolutely love Mary Elle's In-home facials and massage therapy. It is a wonderful option if it is difficult for you to travel or if you would simply enjoy the luxury of being pampered and so totally relaxed at home, and then just relaxing in your robe or PJ's. --Marie & Ben